Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eclipse "Shy"

The lead single from Eclipse is the smash hit "SHY" (from the upcoming "PASS IT DOWN TO ME" mixtape with Da' Hitman). DJs: we have provided a link to download the main, acapella, and instrumental versions below:

"Shy" DJ Package (zip of all available versions)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Get Placements and Radio Rotation

So here’s the full scoop. No gimmicks, no fees, no bullshit. Each month I will feature a new producer with a new beat which will be posted for any artist to download and work over in your own unique style – singing or rapping. I want to hear new artists and give you the opportunity to break into my radio rotation and mixtape placements. Once you’ve finished your version of the song – send it in to be reviewed. If your song is chosen, it will be added to rotation (played each week for the full month) on my radio show (Spill The Beanz airing every Monday 12-1pm EST on http://www.fleetdjs.com/) and on Da' Hitman's radio show (Unique Styles Show airing every Saturday night 9-10pm EST on http://www.swurvradio.com/) along with immediate placement on 1 mixtape to be released the following month with Da’ Hitman and 1 mixtape to be released the following month by DJ Beanz. With that being said, let me offer a few points to those who want to submit music to me:

• Label your MP3 with “artist name – song title” and not “track 03”
• Send your MP3 to trax4beanz@gmail.com with the subject line “Blog Beat Competition”
• Please include your twitter url. The winner will receive twitter promotion of this single

The whole point of this is to expand my music library for my radio shows/mixtapes/club gigs with new artists and new producers – new music – and to give both the producer and the artist full benefit of my exposure to radio, mixtapes, and club gigs. With that said, please ask yourself what sets you and your music apart from anyone else? Do you REALLY have a unique delivery? Do you REALLY have dope lyrical skills with witty wordplay and rhymes that can go deeper than simple one and two syllable words strung together? You can scratch the hook in, sample the hook in, sing the hook – that’s all up to you, but will I remember your hook and have it stuck in my head? That’s the sign of a good hook. Can you rip it??


This month's production comes from BusaBeats out of Union City, CA

Download this beat below

BusaBeats was born and raised in the Philippines. then from Silver Springs MD, where he got major networking in with the DMV area, he now resides in Union City, CA. BusaBeats has been producing for about 5 years and has worked with a couple of local artists. He's determined to push and perfect his craft to work with more artists, then hopefully land that first major placement. Definitely more projects in the future from BusaBeats, so don't sleep on him!

Most recent projects:

BusaBeats - No Limits The Beat Tape

Roc - What Hip-Hop Means (produced entire album)


Roc (Bay Area)
Tha Backhand (Bay Area)
Russ Spittemz (Bay Area)
Ebay (Bay Area)
JCAutious (DMV)
Hmak (DMV)
R.I.M.E. (Detroit)

Contact BusaBeats on twitter : www.twitter.com/BusaBeats
email: franciscobusa@gmail.com

This is a great opportunity for producers and artists to expand, so get to work!!! Holla at Beanz!!!!!!