Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rushin Embassy Ent - Presents Sean Hines The Crooks Collection Hosted by DJ Beanz

In preparation for his highly anticipated album, Roxbury-The Sean Hines Story, Rushin Embassy's DJ Beanz & Sean Hines team up to bring you the Crooks Collection Mixtape!!!

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Friday, December 17, 2010

Spill The Beanz Radio Show Friday Dec 17th

Although i was sick as a dogg recording this show, there's some bangers in here.
Tune in to Spill the Beanz Radio Every Monday at 12(noon)-2pm EST and Every Friday from 1pm-2pm EST

Monday, December 13, 2010


I've had the pleasure of being on "Boi You Stoopid Radio" with Kelleigh & C-Will a couple times. It was a great experience, had fun with these guys.
Well, their latest commercial for the show had me in tears laughing, I HAD to post it!
Check out the commercial and make sure you tune in Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00 pm EST

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Coming Soon.....DJ Beanz & Boi You Stoopid Edition Mixtape!!!!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Thanks to everyone for your support, please help DJ Beanz bring home the win at the 2011 Southern Ent Awards!! Female DJ & Best Host On A Mixtape


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

When You Think You Have It Bad.....

Georgia DJ Loses Everything in HOUSE FIRE

Fred Hollins aka Big Fred from the WIIZ in Augusta has met tragedy. Fred's house burned down to the ground on the morning of Friday December 3rd leaving him LITERALLY with just the clothes on his back and nothing else.

All 5 of his dogs DIED in the fire and all of his clothing and equipment was lost in the fire. He has NOTHING left. Fred's child passed away years ago and to him his dogs were like his children so this is sooo devastating that it cannot be put into words and on top everything ITS CHRISTMAS!

We thought you would like to know that he is in distress and needs support.

We really need the help to get the djs and industry etc to donate to help him and his family get back on their feet. Fred has done sooooo much to help everyone with thier careers and projects now he needs our help

To donate go to: Send Money
3.on the drop down select Send Money Online

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Ringtones

We know you're feeling theses tracks so we went ahead and made Sean Hines "Rep You" and "Move How We Want To" Ringtones!
Get them here FREE!!

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

DJ Beanz Presents Mic Check Vol 1 Hosted By Sean Hines

DJ Beanz & Sean Hines Team Up Once Again To Bring You Mic Check Vol 1. Real Hip Hop From Indies to Majors, Passsed & Present
DJ Beanz Presents Mic Check Vol 1 Hosted By Sean Hines
1. Rep You - Sean Hines
2. Together Baby - Ghostface Killah
3. I'm Ill - Red Cafe feat Fabolous
4. They Don't Know - Uncle Murda & Jadakiss
5. King Tut - Swizz Beatz feat Rakim
6. Downtown - Nikki Grier feat Busta Rhymes
7. Do My Thing - Lloyd Banks
8. Danger - Tese Fever & Madam Madon
9. No Love (Conglomerate Remix) - Busta Rhymes feat Reek the Villain
10. Hate On - $tress
11. Not Ready Freestyle - Nu JerZey Devil
12. Celebrity - Lloyd Banks feat Akon & Eminem
13. What It Look Like (Remix) - Nu JerZey Devil & Tone Trump
14. So Important - Whitefolkz feat Boobe
15. Dump - 50 Cent & Jadakiss
16. Stunt'n - Wiz Khalifa
17. Anymore - Obie Trice
18. Pray For Them - Joe Budden
19. 1st Time - Talib Kweli feat Consequence
20. Move How We Want To - Sean Hines feat Hit & Wrath
21. Ebonics - Big L
22. Da Joint - EPMD
23. Let Me Remind Ya - Rain feat Swizz Beatz
24. Sean Hines - Came Up

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've decided to spotlight Vado because this man is on FIYAH right now. I'm really feeling the track "On His Own" and as much as I can't stand Cam'ron "Speaking Tungues" was a dope track as well, that BEAT.....enough said.


Born and raised in Harlem, Teeyon “Vado” Winfree grew up on 144th and Lenox. He picked up the pen and pad at 16 and was influenced by his famous jazz singing grandmother, June Tyson. By age 19 he’d chosen a new career path. Music was in his veins and he was well on his way to stardom. Vado appeared on a public access television show named “Mad Ciphas.” This was an outlet for a lot of up and coming artists from New York City. The show allowed them to showcase their talent in many different ways. In 2008, he first bubbled under the radar and released tracks with childhood friend, Jae Millz.

Early in 2009 he seized an opportunity that would prove pivotal in his career. He reached out to legendary Harlem rapper, Cam’ron. A friendship and artistic bond grew between the two, after first meeting on March 13, at a studio in New York. That was only the beginning. As the story goes, Killa Cam was scouting for new artists and a bold new alliance formed. They submerged themselves in the studio, and Vado became the first solo act of Cam’s new movement, "The U.N."

In August 2009 the streets were privy to the fruits of their labor, and liked the taste. “Boss of all Bosses,” a mixtape hosted by DJ Drama, co-starring Vado and Cam’ron, was released, and was followed up with “Boss of all Bosses 2” in January 2010. Vado’s innate talent and lyrical wit was thrust into the public eye. Fans ate it up. The hip-hop community embraced his sound, gripped by his delivery and lyrical dexterity.

A lot of artists say it, but Vado does it. He submerges himself in the studio day after day, week after week. Unwavered and determined, in a short time he’s composed with some of hip-hop’s most notable power players. He validates, “I just walked in, I haven’t even taken off my coat,” but fans have invited him in, rolled out the carpet and set a place from him at rap’s dinner table.

The self proclaimed “Most Hated,” is becoming one of Harlem’s most beloved as the past year has proven itself remarkably rewarding. “Boss of all Bosses 3” and “Guns N' Butta,” are just a few of the projects scheduled for release in 2011, along with a host of videos from the Boss of all Bosses 1, 2, and 2.5. As hype still begins to swirl and the industry’s all a buzz, the 25 year old MC has performed at venues across New York City. He comes to conquer. His resume is spotless.

On those streets of Harlem, Vado has walked in the footsteps of the giants that came before him and will pave the way for pioneers to follow. With his autonomous group of mentors and partners, the future is looking bright for this young rapper. The world is tuning in and turning him up, as we make a new addition to that list of Harlem’s greats: Vado.

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Bio provided by Wikipedia

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nu JerZey Devil Ft. Broadkast - "Sex Faces" Video

Nu JerZey Devil Ft. Broadkast - "Sex Faces" Official Video

Make sure to get Nu JerZey Devil's album "Behind Closed Doors" available now on itunes
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Salute The DJ Awards

DJ BeanZ is nominated for the 3rd time this year, in 3 categories at the 2011 Salute The DJs Awards.
Hottest Female DJ, Most Grinding DJ & Most Talked About DJ.
Thank You So Much For Your Support!

Roxbury-The Sean Hines Story-Trailer & "Real Trife"-Hit feat Sean Hines

Coming Soon "Roxbury-The Sean Hines Story" Movie/Soundtrack.

Sneak Preview Including "Real Trife" by Hit feat Sean Hines

Sean Hines feat Hit & Fredro Starr - Rock A By

Week 4 of Sean Hines "Crooks Collection"
"Rock A By" featuring Hit & Fredro Starr

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Roxbury-The Sean Hines Story-Trailer

"Roxbury -The Sean Hines Story - Album/Soundtrack" Trailer

Coming this winter
See what the Crooks Collection is building towards....

Sean Hines- Rise To The Top - Produced by MaggBeatz

For the third installment of the "Crooks Collection" series, Boston emcee Sean Hines has decided to release "Rise To The Top". The backdrop for this street anthem was created by up and coming producer Maggbeatz.

The autobiographical album/soundtrack, "The Sean Hines Story" is expected to be released shortly.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sean Hines - No Sleep Til' Boston - Video

Another one of my favorites from the Sean Hines collection!!! Boston put ya 3s up!!!
"No Sleep Til Boston"

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DJ BeanZ Anthem - This Is One DJ You Don't Wanna Fuck With

You may have heard this broken up into verses, but here is the full version of the DJ BeanZ Anthem ripped by Whitefolkz, Tese Fever & Eclipse
"This Is One DJ You Don't Wanna Fuck With"

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DJ Simon Sez -Eminem The Way I Am vs Kanye West Runaway Remix- Video

DJ Simon Sez Does it again with a crazy Remix!!! Eminem "The Way I Am" VS Kanye West "Runaway". Check Out this video and hit him on Twitter with some feedback!!! @djsimonsez

Jody Breeze - Start It Up - Video

Jody Breeze Rips It Over "Start It Up"
DJ Teknikz & Jody Breeze "Welcome To The Future 2" Mixtape Dropping December 1st!!

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Whitefolkz & Tone Trump - All I Know -Video

Whitefolkz & Tone Trump pair up with NRG Visions to bring you the "All I Know" Video filmed on Georgia Ave at 4911- Topp Dogg Hill Tattoos

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Sean Hines "Came Up"

In preparation for the release of his autobiographical album/soundtrack, "The Sean Hines Story", Boston emcee Sean Hines has decided to release a series of singles which he has titled the "Crooks Collection". This is the second track from the series.
"Came Up"
Sean Hines - Came Up

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DJ Beanz & DJ Samore "Boss Chick Reloaded 2010" Hosted by Rasheeda

Fellas step's the ladies time to shine!!! DJ BeanZ & DJ Samore Team Up With Rasheeda to Bring You "Boss Chick Reloaded 2010"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spill The Beanz Radio Show Monday Nov 8th

Spill The BeanZ Radio Show Monday Nov 8th

Spill the BeanZ Radio airs every Monday at 12(noon) & Friday at 1pm Est time on
And now check me and E aka Miss NYC Connexion on Reigning Real Radio every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am and Wednesday at 4:30 pm Est time on

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sean Hines feat Hit & Wrath-Move How We Want To

In preparation for the release of his autobiographical album/soundtrack, "The Sean Hines Story", Boston emcee Sean Hines has decided to release a series of singles which he has titled the "Crooks Collection". The first track "Move How We Want To" features Hit and Wrath.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mav feat Juice-Til the Sunrise-Video

I love this song so you know I had to post the video!!
Mav feat Juice "Til the Sunrise"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Before I was Beanz

For those of you who dont know, before I was DJ Beanz, I was DJ Soldata (meaning Soldier in Italian). When I began my career as a DJ a little over 10 years ago I started off as a Jungle/Drum&Bass DJ (although Hip-Hop has always been my love). I was named DJ Beanz about 6 years ago by some fam in D.C. and it just happens to work so well. Anyway, here's a 16 minute segment I did for a mixtape a couple months back with 3 of my favorite DJs. Since I knew I had to go big because of how dope they are I decided to bring "Soldata's" style back for the first time in 8 years!!!

If you were feeling it check out the mixtape "Third Coast Party" Download/Listen Here Free