The Crooks Collection

In preparation for the release of his autobiographical album/soundtrack, "The Sean Hines Story", Boston emcee Sean Hines has decided to release a series of singles which he has titled the "Crooks Collection". 
I will post each single here as well as DJ Beanz presents Sean Hines Crooks Collection Mixtape !!!

Week 1- Sean Hines "Move How We Want To"   features Hit and Wrath.
Download "Move How We Want To" (DIRTY)
Download "Move How We Want To'' (CLEAN)

Week 2 - Sean Hines "Came Up" 

Download "Came Up" (DIRTY)
Download "Came Up" (CLEAN)

Week 3 - Sean Hines "Rise To The Top" - Produced by MaggBeatz

Download "Rise To The Top"

Week 4 - Sean Hines feat Hit & Fredro Starr "Rock A By"

Download "Rock A By"

Roxbury - The Sean Hines Story - Album/Soundtrack coming soon!!