Friday, July 16, 2010

Props to my fav DJs

I just want to take a second and shout out my two favorite DJs. DJ Ykcor & Da' Hitman. In my oppinion these two are the most talented DJs (with completely unparralled styles) in the game right now. Both practice all out turntablisim and really hold it down for the unheard talent which is ideally what I look for in a good DJ, not the screaming and sound effects found on most mixtapes. Ykcor's ability to remix and scratch up a track keeps me anxious for his next mix to drop and the diversity in his mixes never cease to amaze me, always worth the download. Da' Hitman....where do I start? First of all many of his projects are more like movies, he keeps a theme going making the majority of his tapes rideable from top to bottom, and when it comes to a good blend and one can top his unique styles. Not to mention they are both producers and I've never heard anything less than fire from either one. That's only the beginning, they are both truly masters of their craft and rather than going on and on (which i could do) you should just get familiar with them every Saturday night on
DJ Ykcor 6pm-7pm EST
Da' Hitman "Unique Styles" show at 9pm-10pm EST

I must also take a moment to thank them for helping me grow and being mentors to me. I've had the privledge to work with both of them on seperate mixtapes and on one with our Third Coast DJ brother T-Dubb "Third Coast Party" vol 1 (which you can check out on an earlier post)
These guys contributed to putting my faith back in hip-hop, you'll see why!!!
get at them on twitter

This is easily my favorite mixtape to let ride when im just chillin. A perfect example of their styles in one mixtape. Members Only Mixtape Series vol 2 featuring Da' Hitman
Hosted by Whitefolkz

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