Sunday, October 10, 2010

Diva & Stres$

This Spotlight Is Featuring A Female Hustler Truly on Her Grind & Her Extremely Talented Artist!

Salute to Simone Gully aka "Diva" & Stres$

Simone Gully now known to many as “Diva” after dedicating many years of serving in military, she decided to leverage her experience and skills to pursue her passion for event planning. Immediately following her military service she embarked on a career with The Elegant Experience a premier catering company based out of Atlanta, GA. She has coordinated video shoots, children's birthday parties, film screenings, television sets, charity events, movie sets, and much more while employed with the Elegant Experience. She found the need to be more involved with the overall planning and execution of these types of events and decided to start her own company. In 2008 she started her own company called Diva Class Events (Event Planning) and Diva Class Entertainment (Promotions, Marketing, Public Relations). While pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (Small Business & Entrepreneurship) she started to focus more and more on doing events on her own.

In 2009 she made the decision to pick up and move to New York City from Atlanta to expand her business and network. This turned out to be one of best moves of her career. Now she not only plans and coordinates events she is now a Manager to Artists, Models, and Writers under her company TopKnotch Management. She manages hip-hop artist STRES$ in Miami, model Ronzie in Houston, model/host Jae Michelle in LA and artist/actor Shion in New York. She feels she has formed a solid team and finds managing to be another passion of hers.

In the midst of all of the work she does between events and her client list she still found time to start a cancer foundation (ALSIGE Foundation) which was founded in memory of her mother who she lost to breast cancer in 2001. This Foundation really became significant and important to her after learning her step-father who was her primary guardian after losing her mother was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Cancer has hit home with her twice and makes ALSIGE on top of her priority list to help those in need that are struggling financially dealing with the disease. Still in the beginning stages she believes with the many cases arising every day of cancer ALSIGE will make a huge impact and difference to those in dire need of assistance.

After making a mark on New York City and expanding her network and talents she is now focusing on her move back to Atlanta to establish a solid team and support system. She focuses on making events affordable and comfortable for all to attend. As well as giving artist, models, and small business owners the tools that they need to succeed in life.


Miami’s hottest un-signed hype, is poised to leave his mark on the minds of hip-hop connoisseurs who appreciate authenticity, lyrical skills and unique vocal delivery. His music has a feel reminiscent of rap from back in the day, but is relevant and relatable to serious hip-hoppers and old-school music lovers alike. STRES$, a raspy-voiced MC, transmits a stream of lyrics so free, but yet so fierce, manipulating his craft to reflect a range of styles with influences from the Caribbean and Hip-Hop from east to west coast.

Of Jamaican descent, STRES$ overcame tumultuous times on the streets of Brooklyn, His father was murdered when he was an infant. After living in Jamaica for several years, Stress and his siblings came to Miami where his grandmother raised them. Stress lyrics reflect his diverse cultural influences and various genres of music. He takes pieces of everything great and combines it into one sound. He is almost the perfect blend of North & South, Entertainment, Content, Depth and Creativity.

His reputation for punch lines and metaphors put him on the map locally and landed him his first Independent Record Deal with Miami-based Akono Entertainment in 2004-2006. The release of his debut mix tape titled "Product Of The Street", left consumers with no doubts. In 2008, he linked Tycoon Group Entertainment also a Miami-based company who help him define his music more. Now with the release of his 2nd Mixtape Titled “Industry Intervention” he has come back with a smooth, laid back tone which grabs the attention of a wider demographic and fan base. “Industry Intervention” shows how much he has matured as an artist. STRES$ proves that he can stand on his own with his mixtapes, thus leveling him to stand with raps elite.

Check Out Stress's Single "Theme Musik"

Also Check his mixtape out!!!

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